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The Problem in the Market and Import Substitution of Servo motor

The Problem in the Market and Import Substitution of Servo motor

It is expected by 2015-2019 Global Industrial Robot Servo motor Report that the Chinese market will demand 182,000 servo motors in 2019.
At present, the domestic high-end servo motor market is mainly occupied by foreign well-known enterprises, which are mainly from Japan, Europe and the United States. Statistics show that foreign brands account for 80% of the market share of China's AC servo market.
Among them, the Japanese products occupy around 50% of the market share, including panasonic, yaskawa, sanyo, Fuji and so on. The European brands account for around 30% of the overall market share, while domestic enterprises account for less than 10%.
In the next five years, China's servo system industry, benefiting from the industrial upgrading, will maintain a fast growth. At present, the independent matching capacity of servo motors in China has been formed. The power range of products is mostly within 22KW.
In recent years, the domestic frequency converters have achieved good results in the OEM market, while domestic servo product technology is also advancing. Some analysts believe that China's servo products are expected to follow the development path of domestic frequency converters in the future, making a great breakthrough in the OEM market.
Since 2010, some manufacturers in China have tried to launch new-generation servo products, whose performance and market recognition has been greatly improved.
Nowadays, China's robot industry is in the era of great changes, which requires rapid innovation and integration. As a high technology, robot plays an important role in promoting the industrial development. As an execution unit of robot, servo motor is the main factor that affects the working performance of robot.
Therefore, China needs to increase investment in key technologies as well as research and development. At the same time, it is significant for China to cultivate independent intellectual property brand, making domestic industrial robot industry bigger and stronger.