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Trend Analysis of the High-Speed Motor Industry in China

Trend Analysis of the High-Speed Motor Industry in China

Source: Today_dj, FORWARD

In recent years, the number of patent applications and open patents of high-speed motors in China has generally increased, and the sales revenue of its manufacturing industry has kept growing. In terms of regional distribution, the national production capacity is mainly distributed in East China. In the future, high-speed motors will be applied broadly in home appliances, automobiles, and power supplies.
As of June 2018, the total number of patent applications for high-speed motor technology in China was 12,557. In 2017, the number of open patents was 2001 and continued to increase to 1552 from January to June 2018.
In the 2012-2018, the sales revenue of high-speed motor manufacturers in China maintained a growth trend. In 2012, the sales revenue was 2.27 billion yuan and up to 3.631 billion yuan in 2018, with a year-on-year increase of 5.92%. In 2012-2018, the compound annual growth rate was 8.14%.
In terms of regional distribution, East China accounted for the highest proportion of 76.31%; followed by South China (13.75%), Northeast China (3.78%) and Central China (2.71%). At present, there are over one hundred high-speed motor manufacturers in China. Although some of them already have a certain scale and popularity, however, it’s not enough and most of their sales revenue is less than 100 million yuan.
Actually, high-speed motors have broad application prospects in home appliances, automobiles, and power supplies:
(1) High-speed motors have been used in various equipment such as centrifugal compressors for air conditioners and refrigerators. With the development of science and technology, there would be more and more special requirements while its application will become more and more extensive.
(2) With the development of hybrid electric vehicles(HEV), high-speed generators which are small and light will receive attention and be applied extensively in the fields of HEV, aviation, and ships.
(3) Driven by the gas turbine, the high-speed generator is small in size with high maneuverability. It can be used as a reverse power supply for some important facilities. It can also be used as an independent power supply or a small power station to cover the shortage of centralized power supply.